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Singlefins, Boardwalks & Storytalks II

After an incredibly successful event in 2010, Singlefins, Boardwalks & Storytalks is back for a second installment on July 22 @ 7pm at The Tuckerton Seaport. Jetty Hall of Fam'r Jon Coen does a great job bringing in top photographers who will be narrating the slide shows. Over 500 people...

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New Tat, old rail...

Two nights ago Team Rider Chris Scarpinato said to me, let's go get a photo. After we skated the same, local mini-ramp we cruised to a rail Chris said he used to hit when he was 14! Scarp is all about missions. This isn't the craziest rail by any means,...

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Still alive!

Team Rider Brian Parnagian is fully recovered from a horrific shoulder injury...yayyyyyy! Brian's been grinding it out in grad school and still managing to get plenty of waves! Here's a shot by Ryan Struck that showed up on The New Surf! Glad to have you back in the water brotha!...

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Up North Tour

ESM just launched a great feature on Costa Rica, specifically up North where team rider Randy Townsend has spent several winters. Honestly, you cannot visit Playa Grande without noticing Townsend who surfs at such a high level within this crowded beach break. He speaks his Spanish well and has become...

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Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

We're pumped on the next Jetty offering...Spring/Summer 2011. This line is our largest to date with 91 pieces! John Clifford headed up the art direction and brought in some truly talented designers including Paul Carpenter, Phil Adams, Jeremy Kennedy & Amy Martino. Ann Coen happened to be shooting the Townsend...

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Get Grimey

Photog Marc Pikulski recently caught team rider Alex Grimes putting in some work!  You'll find Alex at any of the NJ/Philly-area inside spots as the cold weather of the northeast slowly becomes unbearable! [slidepress gallery='alex-grimes-by-marc-pikulski']

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Townsend on

A great Dick "Mez" Meseroll photo of team rider Randy Townsend popped up in Surfline's "Best Bet December: Lesser Antilles" feature! Surfline gives you the best bet destinations for this month if you happen to have some cash in the travel budget! In this photo, RT is getting vertical on...

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another jam in da books

Well, we finally ran the 4th Annual Jetty Clam Jam this past Saturday and saying it was worth the wait may be an understatement! The jam went down in head high, clean, barreling conditions and the new location (beach 1/wooden jetty - Holgate, NJ) seemed like the perfect spot for...

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Year of the Fritz

Congrats to team rider Fritz Mead who landed himself four pages inside the most respected mag in skateboarding...THRASHER! Check it out for yourself in the March 2010 Issue. Fritz has been on the road for the past month with our buddies Xeno, Will, Doug and a few others, skating everything...

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RT by Luke Simpson

Our friend Luke Simpson was nice enough to send over this shot of RT in Bayhead, NJ which ran in Surfline's Christmas Bonus gallery. This may be the last you see of a hood that is! He's up to his usual tricks again this winter and heading to warmer...

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Luke Reynolds & Randy Townsend WIN 3rd Annual Clam Jam!

[caption id="attachment_2185" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Photo Richard Cardona ("][/caption] The Third Annual Jetty Clam Jam went off in waist to chest high fun conditions! Full Wrap-UP & Updates to come! Please share any links to photos in the comments. Thanks to all the sponsors & everyone who surfed/attended for making it...

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