Craft & Calling

Jetty is a grassroots lifestyle company that is fueled by the craft and calling of individuals who Draw Their Own Line. These individuals that both live their passion and exemplify dedication to their craft deserve to be recognized. We are stoked to share with you Craft & Calling, a monthly video series showcasing the lifestyle and highlighting the inspiration that drives the Jetty Crew.

Britton Spark

Britton is a coastal life photographer documenting the commercial fishing industry and the working waterfronts of the East Coast.

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Dane Knutson

20+ years Scalloper F/V Capt John (Captain of the vessel)

Chris Rainone

25-30 years Gillnetter F/V Annice Marie (owner/operator)

Brian Kline

10-15 years Scalloper F/V Relentless (first mate of the vessel)

Past Episodes

Ryan Coppola

Cory Higgins

Jared Hart

Calista Quinn