"Sinner" by The Last Dinner Party

"Sinner" by The Last Dinner Party

The Last Dinner Party's debut album is finally here!  Even though they had it completely finished before their first single Nothing Matters was released in April of 2023, the band still had plenty to prove.  Their branding and energy at live shows more than holds up, and Lead Vocalist Abigail Morris puts it perfectly in this excerpt from a Q&A with The Luna Collective:

I think there's two things for that question. One, which is what we want to achieve for us on stage. And then another one, which is how we want people to feel. 

We were having a discussion very early on about that question … “How do we want people to feel at our gigs and when they leave?” And what we kind of landed on was that we want people to leave the show feeling like they've just been at the best dinner party they've ever been to, with the coolest people and the best conversation. You're a bit drunk and you're full of ideas and energy. 

Prelude to Ecstasy is full of awesomeness, and today we're featuring one of our favorite tracks, Sinner.  Check it out!

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