The JRF's Unsung Offerings

The JRF's Unsung Offerings

(Above) St. Francis Gift of Warmth - $1,972 - Flannels donated to families in need

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who supports our Jetty Rock Foundation!  It is clear that we could not donate to so many different causes pursuant to our mission without YOU!  Here are a few initiatives that we worked on recently, but you may have not heard about.  Thanks for having a hand in these 2017 donations totaling $12,451.38!

Jetty Future Leaders Program - $5,102.33 - A hands-on learning experience merging small business, community, and charity at Southern Regional High School

Borough of Beach Haven - $5,000 - Donation toward pocket park (between 7th & 8th St.)

St. Croix - $377.05 - Hurricane Relief supplies in partnership with Hot Coat Fiberglass



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