Drop Anchor vs. Smooth Sailing!

Drop Anchor vs. Smooth Sailing!

Above: Student representatives from both classes visited Jetty HQ to make design decisions and to help print their garments

We're thrilled with year #3 of our Future Leaders program at Southern Regional High School!  Beginning back in September, two Entrepreneurship elective business classes assisted in designing garments, and since have moved on to help produce, market, and sell them.  The Jetty Rock Foundation initiative gives us a direct and hands-on approach to educating the students who will eventually step up and take our place as active members in our community.  Additionally, the sales of the garments are connected to JRF causes so we are also able to instill the important lesson of Paying it Forward.  As the program builds upon itself each year, it is truly awesome to continue to build a strong relationship with Southern Regional and our Future Leaders by using our own company and experiences as a real life business example!  

PS - The two classes are competing with each other to see who can sell the most gear and become the most profitable ~ support Team Drop Anchor, Team Smooth Sailing, or both by purchasing JRF garments directly from them, on our website, and/or in our Flagship Store!

*Charitable items are not subject to any discounts

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