10th Annual Jetty Clam Jam

10th Annual Jetty Clam Jam

Last week we selected the teams for the 10th Annual Jetty Clam Jam at the Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House!  Now that we're approaching the first potential weekend to run the event, it's time to go over a few quick items...

The Call - We do our best to hold the Jam in very good conditions, and on a Saturday or Sunday.  We make the official call the day before the event is set to go (or be put on hold).  We'll post the call on our Clam Jam event page, our social media outlets, and we'll blast an email to all those involved...

Surfer Check-in - When the Jam is ON, then we need the surfers to be there no later then 7:30am.  The first heat will be in the water at 8am.  We move from top to bottom down the bracket, but we often skip heats if we need to.  Stay on the beach!

Your Partner - By now you should have touched base with them.  Part of the fun lies within meeting new people and bringing our community together as well as bridging any geographical/generational gaps.  Text them, Facebook them, or God forbid, call them!  If you do not have their contact info, then hit us up, because we do!

Alternates - Flexibility is a necessary component of any surf contest.  We appreciate the dedication that so many of our surfers, volunteers, and judges show, but if you can't make it, then please give us a heads up!  If you would like to be an alternate, just send an email to info@jettylife.com with you name, age, and phone number.  Showing up at the event is a good way to get substituted in as well...

Volunteers - We have a ton of stuff to carry up to the beach, so if you feel so inclined, then come and lend a hand!  We're amping when it is still dark out the morning of, and we're vigilant about leaving the beach spotless.

After Party - We're throwing down at the Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House when it is all said and done and the champs are crowned.  The buffet is included for participating surfers, but you can bring your family and friends for $20/head. 

We charge $50/surfer for this event and each ripper receives a tote bag, event tee, coozie, wax comb, stickers, and dinner!  Patronize the sponsors that make this event possible and please pay attention to the above items, it helps us run a smooth contest ~ Yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!