A Local Surf Contest Celebrating Our Culture in the LBI Region...

We created the Clam Jam to bring our community together. We relish in the fact that new friendships are forged every year. The Jam is always a top day of the year for so many people.

We shuffle our schedules, track swells, and anxiously await the most opportune day to hold this event. We realize that plans change so much as the forecasts do, so if you are committed, start apologizing to your significant other now... because we wait until it's really good!

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Clam Jam Registration

The Jetty Clam Jam is a team-oriented surf contest pairing our area's next generation surfers with more experienced wave riders. The first (96) surfers to sign up will have their names scribed on clam shells. The median age determines which pool you are entered into before being randomly paired with another surfer.

Registration for the 2018 Clam Jam is Full! Alternates are welcomed as the teams are subject to change due to vacations, injuries, family matters, etc. To register as an alternate, shoot us an email at info@jettylife.com

The Bracket Is Complete! View the Bracket Here

Event Info

The 12th Annual Jetty Clam Jam will be held at 68th Street in Brant Beach, NJ. The first potential date to have the contest is Saturday, September 22, 2018.

The event will be run on a Saturday or Sunday in September/October when the waves and weather are favorable. We reserve the right to run the contest on a weekday once November hits, but will do our best to optimize a weekend date.

Surfers: Check in at 7am. First heat in the water at 8am (at the latest). We're battling daylight with 96 surfers. If you cannot make it SUNDAY, then please let us know so we can fill in an Alternate surfer.

Sponsors: Setup begins at first light and goes to 8am. Please be aware that there is a LBT hayride / pumpkin patch event from 1-3pm. Set up using our scaffold as a central point. A tractor will be sweeping through between 1-3pm.

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Contest Bracket

Initial bracket to be posted after Selection Night (9/14 - Old Causeway - 9pm)

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Jetty would like to give thanks to our Annual Sponsors!