JRF: Executive Director position

JRF: Executive Director position

Above: Original JRF Directors in the wake of Hurricane Sandy by Michael John Murphy (2013)

We're keen on growing our nonprofit arm, the Jetty Rock Foundation, so that we can keep up with Jetty's growth, maintain our B-Corp status and continue to give back.  We're looking for an experienced, proactive go-getter ready to take charge and grow the Foundation under our guidance.  Please find the job description below - only experienced nonprofit candidates should apply.

The Executive Director of the Jetty Rock Foundation must be proactive, outgoing and have experience in the nonprofit world.  Through working side by side with Jetty’s operating partners and marketing team, the position will require overseeing and executing design, marketing, sales and financial tasks.  Specifically, the position will include campaign conception, marketing asset design/distribution, social media management, event planning, donor and donee interaction, budgeting , grant writing and more.  Building the Jetty Rock Foundation to follow Jetty’s growth will be paramount while adhering to the mission statement and meeting budgetary goals.

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