2nd Annual Eskimo Outreach

2nd Annual Eskimo Outreach

We're really stoked to announce the date for our 2nd Annual Eskimo Outreach event!  In 2016, we partnered with a number of regional businesses to put on this Community Clambake of Arctic Proportions.  We raised and donated over $48,000 via our Jetty Rock Foundation to local families in need!  We're looking forward to another great off-season event knowing that the weather might be a lot more icy compared to last year...but we know you all will brave the elements for a great cause regardless!


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I attended the Eskimo Outreach last year and it was a fabulous event. We are looking forward to this years event, but i would have expected to see the Eskimo Outreach advertised on the Mud City website. I cannot seem to find anything posted on their calendar or site, but would have expected to see it front and center since it is a huge event and many people will be looking at their site for information. I forgot the name of the event, Eskimo Outreach, and went straight to Mud City for info.


Frank Landia

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