Quiet, We're Hunting Kegs!

Quiet, We're Hunting Kegs!

Quiet, we're hunting kegs...and they are really, really cold ones!  We're getting down on Last Wave Brewing Co.'s NJ Keg Hunter video contest!  Check out the details below straight from Last Wave Co-owner Nick Jiorle...

The New Jersey surf community is unlike any other—progressive, passionate, and tight-knit. The men and women who brave the elements and dredging barrels of our state deserve a contest like no other. NJ Keg Hunter is an online video submission contest designed to compare the best waves the Garden State has to offer in a format that allows the community to help determine who comes out on top. With epic swells that are here today and gone tomorrow, this format makes it easier to showcase the finest rides of the winter and see who’s really pushing the limits.

To sweeten the deal, Last Wave Brewing Co. is putting up a cash prize of $2,000 and a chance to make a beer with them and have your wave featured on the label.

You don’t have to be a sponsored surfer to enter either. You just have to be willing to go for it and get it on film. Your submission must be from a wave ridden in New Jersey between September 4, 2018 and March 31, 2019. The submission can’t be edited and must show the surfer completing the wave. Then upload your video to YouTube in 720p resolution or higher and submit it through the form on www.njkeghunter.com. The top rides submitted will then be showed at the Keg Hunter party hosted by Jetty in April and the attendees will decide who takes the crown.

How To Enter:

  • The contest period runs from 9/4/18 until 3/31/19

  • Upload a video of a wave ridden to completion on YouTube (720p or higher)

  • Wave must be ridden in NJ. Surfer does not have to be from NJ

  • Submit it through the form on www.njkeghunter.com

  • Top 20 Waves

Who is Last Wave Brewing Co.?

Last Wave Brewing Co. is a microbrewery located in downtown Pt. Pleasant Beach and serving bars and liquor stores all over Monmouth and Ocean County with unique, handcrafted ales. It was founded by two friends who got into brewing in the cold winter months of NJ when the waves went flat. Their brewing and surfing have both come a long way in the past decade, but it was always beer that was going to pay the bills. However, this contest is their way to combine the two art forms that inspire them into one event. It was important to them to create an event that celebrated the NJ surf community as a whole and brought everyone together to share some beers and some stories from the lineup. And so NJ Keg Hunter was born.