As Advertised

As Advertised

As a surfer, there are few things that are considered a bucket list must aside from following in the footsteps of Rick Cain to check out the North Shore, and the pilgrimage to Indonesia to spend a couple of weeks on a boat with your mates scoring uncrowded, perfect waves.  Like most people, life starts to get in the way, then debt and work, and before you know it you wake up and you're 37 and still haven't been on that one trip that has always lingered in the back of your mind.  So there comes a time where you just have to say F it, spend a few extra shifts behind the bar, and save the $5K it's going to take to make the dream trip happen.  To say that it delivered on expectations is definitely an understatement. 

The crew came from NJ, VB, CA, and HI, and included a couple guys in the banking world, a Police Officer, some Creative minds, a couple of Entrepreneurs, a Geospatial Analyst, and even a Vintage Military Antiques dealer.  A complete mixed bag that meshed perfectly with a constant flow of laughs.

The boat was the Crystal Clear, a 72 ft twin hull Catamaran, owned and operated by the Kiwi legend, Moose, who has been running boats in the waters off Sumatra for over 25yrs.  Moose turned 60 on our trip.  He is out there charging with you every day, so with his guidance, the path we chose due to the swell on the way was to run North up to the Banyaks, Nias, and Telos islands.  This gave us a better shot of finding waves to ourselves, and more rights than lefts for a boat mostly full of regular footers.

The amount that I could write about this trip would bore even me, so I'll spare you more details, but all in all, if you have the chance to go on one of these boats, take it, you will have the time of your life.  If its the Crystal Clear, even better, Moose and his crew are as good as it gets.  Indo, without doubt, is definitely as advertised.

Words by Cory Higgins -- Jetty Partner, CMO, & Co-founder

Another Morning from Jetty on Vimeo.