Words of (Revel)stoke

Words of (Revel)stoke

We'll let the words of Jetty Ambassador Sam Seeland and the photos of Dave Nilsen explain a recent trip, and the raw beauty of Revelstoke!

Dave Nilsen and I decided to head out and visit my cousin who lives in Canada.  We flew into Calgary and drove five hours through the national park mountains to get to my cousin’s campground in Revelstoke, British Columbia.  This small town is nestled between mountain peaks and is well known for its skiing and snowboarding, but what Dave and I quickly learned is that it’s a place of endless exploration and outdoor activities in the summer.  We did a few small hikes around town to water falls and skated Revelstoke national park’s newly paved roads.  My cousin finally had some time off from the campground and decided to take us into a remote area of the mountains that he said is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It was an 8-hour round trip hike and man was he right about the immense beauty these mountains hold.  We started in dense inland rain forests and hiked up to an area of rocky faces to be greeted with an open wildflower field looking over the white mountain caps.  After spending some time in the fields, we continued onto the crystal-clear glacial lakes where we cracked open some Jetty beers to celebrate the beauty and appreciation for the natural world.  There are endless things to do in Revelstoke, BC and I am surely heading back to hike more and to do some snowboarding in the winter.  Cheers to living the Jetty life!

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