Of Arctic Proportions!

We're just about 2 weeks away from our first event of the year, Arctic Outreach!  We take a lot of pride in helping to run Arctic Outreach and your support allows it to be one of many successful fundraisers for our Jetty Rock Foundation throughout the year.  Here are a few answers to questions that we've been getting... Why do you run an outdoor event in February?  Arctic Outreach was put together within a few weeks back in 2016 for a family that is near and dear to us.  Braving the elements shows our togetherness as a community.  There are... Read More...

Eskimo Outreach Sponsorships

We're gearing up for our 3rd Annual Eskimo Outreach event and are now offering the below sponsorship opportunities!  This event is held In Loving Memory of our dear friend Mallory McBrien.  We've donated in excess of $92,000 to 10+ families in need throughout 2016/17.  On February 24th (12-8pm) our community will once again brave the weather for a great cause.  We hope that you can be a part of it! Read More...

2nd Annual Eskimo Outreach

We're really stoked to announce the date for our 2nd Annual Eskimo Outreach event!  In 2016, we partnered with a number of regional businesses to put on this Community Clambake of Arctic Proportions.  We raised and donated over $48,000 via our Jetty Rock Foundation to local families in need!  We're looking forward to another great off-season event knowing that the weather might be a lot more icy compared to last year...but we know you all will brave the elements for a great cause regardless!   Read More...

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