Keeping Kohlheim's Legacy

Keeping Kohlheim's Legacy

Loss is never easy to deal with, but our community has stormed forward to make sure that Tim Kohlheim's legacy stays alive and well.  Last year we collaborated with Tim on his emphatic idea to clothe less fortunate students just in time for Back-to-School.  In conjunction with the Tide Table Group, and a small army of local businesses and individuals, we're going to carry on tradition and make sure that our Future Leaders are in fresh threads to start their '19-'20 school year.  The outpouring support coupled with the below event will enable us to help double to triple the amount of students, and not only during this time of year.  We know Tim would be amped on this initiative and we're going to grow it from this point on in his honor!

Tim's Tribe Back to School Fundraiser (Facebook event page)


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