Today marks the first Giving Tuesday Now which is a global effort in response to COVID-19!  Whether you have been a fan of Jetty since the early 2000's, or have recently been introduced to our brand, then you likely know that charity and community are core to our DNA.  We formed our Jetty Rock Foundation in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and have continued to use our company as a vehicle to do good!  Achieving B-Corp status was a feather in our cap, but the actual execution of donations and attention to our environment are the two items that drive us on a daily basis!  Donating to our foundation assures that every dollar is used wisely and for good cause - Donate Now!  COVID-19 may have changed our lives and routines greatly, but it will not change Jetty's overall goals and focus!  Check out a few of the recent initiatives that we have implemented...

Rising Tides Initiative

Raised Glasses Initiative

Oyster Recycling Program



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