Coastal Recreation Hill Day - 2021

Coastal Recreation Hill Day - 2021

“Change is not easy. Change is not fast. But there are a lot of people on Capitol Hill—who we met and we had the chance to talk to—who we know are on our side when it comes to trying to protect the environment, protecting clean water, stopping plastic pollution, fighting climate change.”
- Alex Vai 

At this year’s Coastal Recreation Hill Day, hundreds of Surfrider activists, recreation industry leaders, partners, and ambassadors had the opportunity to meet with our nation’s federal leaders and urge them to protect our coasts and ocean.

Now it is your turn. Together, we can slow the effects of climate change, stop the flow of plastics into our environment, and keep our waters clean and healthy. You have the power to affect change, both locally and nationally. Click here to join Surfrider and be part of the positive change that our planet so desperately needs.

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