Arctic Outreach goes virtual for $13K+!

Arctic Outreach goes virtual for $13K+!

This year was still about fundraising for our Arctic Outreach event, we just couldn't get together in 30-degree weather to toast!  We're stoked on the support from our sponsors as well as YOU, who together texted in donations in excess of $13,500!  We're really looking forward to throwing great parties again, but we'll pivot as necessary until that is possible.  Thank you for helping us embrace the past five years of this event by supporting it virtually during February '21.  The Jetty Rock Foundation will be sending out donations to Piper & Cedar (in loving memory of Mallory McBrien) as well as other families around the water in need.  Arctic Outreach has now raised in excess of $244,000 over the past six years!

Read the Press Release: Jetty’s Arctic Outreach goes virtual for the 6th Annual

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