A Crafty Return

A Crafty Return

This winter, we had our longtime friend Jared Hart into Jetty Headquarters.  Hart, a native of Bayonne, is the frontman of a punk band called The Scandals, but also has made a name for himself on his more folk-driven solo work.  Most recently, he formed Mercy Union with Nick Jorgensen, Benny Horowitz and Rocky Catanese. Hart sat down with Jetty Hall of Fam’r Jon Coen to talk about the work it takes to make your own path in music or life, common lessons of growing up in New Jersey and fishing in Bayonne storm drains.  Then Hart and Catanese played an intimate show for some of our closest friends.

Several years ago, we started a written version of Craft & Calling, to highlight people in our sphere that have crafted a life for themselves in a similar ethos to our own - making, working, creating.  They are able to support themselves and/or their families and still follow their passion with a lot of hard work.  They personify our mantra of Draw Your Own Line

This video was shot by our friends at Oak Leaf Media and edited by Sean Santiago.  We’re looking forward to filming our second in this series when we host our 2019 Coquina Jam Kickoff Party this week.

For the entire audio interview and performance, check out our Craft & Calling Podcast.

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