9th Annual Community Bridge Walk

9th Annual Community Bridge Walk

Every year we garner 1000+ people to walk from Manahwkin, over the causeway bridge, to Ship Bottom in support of our area schools!  Last year we were able to contribute $1,200 to All Saints, Stafford, Beach Haven, LBI Consolidated & Southern Regional for a grand total of $6,000!  A $10 donation allows you to walk.  We are also offering sponsorships as well as selling T-shirts.  Major support from the Causeway family of dealerships, Van Dyk & Tide Table Group is what makes this event so successful!  Check out our event page, participate and you can pick up your shirts / pre-register at our Flagship Store on September 21 & 22!

Congrats to our 2018 Bridge Walk hero, Stafford Police Officer / Musician - Chris Fritz


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