2019 Career Opps

2019 Career Opps

We're gearing up for our best year to date, and we can't even think about getting to where we need to go without such a solid team!  We're adding to that team, so if you are looking to be a part of our rad crew in the ever-buzzing Jetty HQ, then hit us with your resume!

Please send all resumes to info@jettylife.com & include the title of the position in the subject line 

  1. Jetty Ink - Press Operator - Shirt loading, ink mixing, set-up, registration, printing on both automatic and manual presses, etc.  Full-time; Experience necessary; paid position.
  2. Jetty Ink - Production Assistant - Shop cleaning and upkeep, stacking/folding shirts, production staging, heat-pressing, etc.  Full-time; No experience necessary; motivated to thrive in a busy work environment; paid position.
  3. Flagship Store - Associate - Counter duties, merchandising, re-stocking, inventory, finance as well as additional multi-tasking during downtime.  Full-time; experience preferred, motivated to engage with customers as well as work in other aspects of the business during downtime; paid position.  
  4. Jetty Ink - Production Intern - All stages of work in a busy print shop, from the ground up.  Part-time; No experience necessary; motivated to thrive in a busy work environment; un-paid position.
  5. Jetty Ink - Sales Intern - Sales prospecting, Shipping and receiving and other Ink-related tasks.  Part-time; No experience necessary; motivated to thrive in a busy work environment; un-paid position. 
  6. Jetty - Event Management Intern - All stages of pre-event marketing, logistics and staging.  Must be outgoing and able to attend all listed events.  Part-time; No experience necessary; motivated to assist and engage in all aspects of events; un-paid position.




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