Southern Entrepreneurs

Passing on our knowledge of small business, screen printing, and entrepreneurship has become one of our favorite things to do! Tuesday, January 26, 2016 was a watershed date for the first year of the Jetty x Southern Regional Entrepreneurship Program as students took a field trip to the Jetty HQ, learned about our Eco-friendly, water-based screen printing process, and had a hand in printing their first round of sample garments. We fielded a ton of questions and urged the students to take part in screen reclamation, registration, ink mixing, and the actual printing of their samples. We ended the session with pizzas and are happy to announce that our (4) entrepreneur group's projects just got real! Stay tuned for plenty of marketing and sales initiatives from the groups: Ocean of Love, Fight for a Cure, David's Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, and Southern Regional since 1957!

Check out further details on the Jetty x Southern Regional Entrepreneurship Program here!

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