Jonas Beatdowns

Winter Storm Jonas was a lot more brutal than some people are giving it credit for. In our region we saw the most flooding since Superstorm Sandy. The East Coast saw plenty of roofs collapse, people get trapped in vehicles, and 46 people lost their lives. With all of the carnage, surfers always try to help clean up, and when that is accomplished, on to the icy barrels. Jonas served up some serious surf from the Mid-Atlantic up through the Northeast this past weekend, and in most cases, you had to wait for the angry seas to clam a bit before you paddled (if you paddled)...

Jetty Team Rider Dave Werner by Tom Larney

Werner by Larney

Jetty Team Rider Brian Bowker by Kali Emery


Unidentidied sequence by Kali Emery

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Photos by Greg Melega (Papa Planes)

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