Smiles for Miles

Smiles for Miles

Jetty Team Rider Chris Mansor has a darn swell life on the West Coast, just follow his Insta to see the goodness! It looks like he has been enjoying some July swell out there too...! FireShot Screen Capture #145 - '11745951_1112034052144243_5850930993494610116_n_jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels)' - scontent-lga1-1_xx_fbcdn_net_hphotos-xtf1_v_t1_0-9_11745951_1112034052144243_58509309934 FireShot Screen Capture #144 - '11017017_1111806628833652_6970736425090581835_n_jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 640 pixels)' - scontent-lga1-1_xx_fbcdn_net_hphotos-xfp1_v_t1_0-9_11017017_1111806628833652_69707364250

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