RT's '15 Travels

The Winter of 2014-15 hasn't been a typical one for Jetty Team Rider Randy Townsend. RT's usual multi-month stay in Costa Rica was put on hold when extremely solid swell blessed the California coast to light up the start of 2015. Townsend is now heading to CR to meet up with Surfline's January Photo of the Month Winner Trevor Murphy. Trev & RT definitely share that love of being the first ones on it! Additionally, Photog Jim Givas snapped some Jersey shots while Randal stopped home for a few sessions with the boys...boardies to bitterness, and back to boardies (for now)! FireShot Screen Capture #061 - 'JANUARY '15 PHOTO OF THE MONTH WINNER ANNOUNCED I SURFLINE_COM' - www_surfline_com_surf-news_trevor-murphy-wins-photo-challenge-january_123039

Photos courtesy of Jim Givas IMG_6006-blog


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