Where were Ju?

Winter Storm Juno forecasters took a lot of heat when the storm hit about 70 miles off of their projections, but there were historic snowfall levels for some cities in the Northeast. For board-riders all around, Juno produced above average conditions. Check out how our family handled the storm...

With projections for 2 feet of snow, we bipped it up to Killington and enjoyed an empty mountain + fresh powder for three days. Check out Jetty Hall of Fam'r Jon Coen's Sandpaper recap.

FireShot Screen Capture #050 - 'Winter Doesn’t Seem So Long When You Head for the Hills - By JON COEN - Surf City, NJ - The SandPaper' - thesandpaper_villagesoup_com_p_winter-doesn-t-seem-so-long-when-you

Jetty Team Rider Randy Townsend had no reason to leave the West Coast and ended up in Surfline's Golden State Feature.

FireShot Screen Capture #049 - 'OFFSHORE WINDS + SOLID WEST SWELL = GOLDEN STATE I SURFLINE_COM' - www_surfline_com_surf-news_offshore-winds--solid-west-swell--golden-state_122297

Jetty Team Rider Dave Werner and Brian Coen stuck around home... juno by Melanie Cassie


One of Jetty Hall of Fam'r Ann Coen's bright pupils, Eric Hance, truly captured the energy of Winter Storm Juno.

885558_10204859070129268_496174938916306582_o 10482248_10204859069809260_104306473869658294_o

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