HOF: Michael John Murphy

HOF: Michael John Murphy

We're honored to induct Michael John Murphy into the Jetty Hall of Fam! Mike's pursuit of working with the Jetty brand & dedication to his career in photography made the two an easy match...and there is some history: "When Jurassic Park came out in 1994, Mike & I had already ditched the body boards and fell in love with surfing. We admired older Ship Bottom lifeguards/surfers like David Caldarella. Cypress Hill, The Offspring & Pearl Jam were sculpting our minds. We became teenagers and soon left the world of waves, chasing girls and mini-golf behind, but only to reconnect 15 years later in such a meaningful way. We just spent 11 days in Nicaragua together and I just can't imagine him not being on any future Jetty team trip!" We truly appreciate Michael's work, personality and travel experience and look forward to drawing plenty more lines with him! Check out his Official Jetty Hall of Fam page...

Michael & John Clifford hashing out a 2015 design idea in Nicaragua


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