Belmar PRO AM Results

With the big contest this weekend we didn't want to forget about last weekend's Belmar PRO AM results! Jetty Team Rider Pete Machotka took 4th and LBI local ripper Josh Law took 2nd ~ great job representing our stomping grounds boys! We heard a great story from Pete's father Bill Machotka that went something like this: In an earlier round Pete was surfing, got covered up and lost both contact lenses. His newborn and girlfriend were on the beach and the skies were ominous. At this point Pete had a lot running through his mind to say the least. He came to the beach to check in and get his vision back and who came to his aid, but Josh Law & Dalton Johnson...all three ended up in the Finals later on! It's pretty cool to hear about guys helping each other out even during these highly competitive contests. Good sportsmanship, foreshadowing and a little bit of good karma... We'd also like to shout out Jetty Team Rider Spencer Bridges for taking 3rd in the Boys division! Belmar PRO AM results

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