Freedom Surf Shop

We were thrilled when Freedom Surf Shop out of Virginia Beach, VA put in a Spring/Summer 2011 order with Jetty! We had long heard that Freedom was one of the nicer surf stockists in the area. Check out this video by Jetty Co-owner Cory Higgins who pulled out the Flip on a recent sales trip south to visit the shop. Below we've cut-n-pasted their mission statement...couple that with their stock and decor and you'll definitely want to stop in if you're in Virginia Beach! Freedom Surf started as a vision, a desire to remember mixed with a drive to push forward and rethink what it means to be a surf shop. Our goal is to revisit the roots of core surf culture thus revealing the true essence of surfing through the warmth and beauty of our shop, the style and exclusivity of our product, and the fun, welcoming, family-like atmosphere that our highly educated employees strive to create. To convey to the people that surfing is an experience unparalleled by anything else in this is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.Our shop is unlike any other surf shop in the world..Come experience it with us and let us redefine what a surf shop can be and has been before.

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