The Urchin Life: Episode 1

Head Jetty Urchin Kevin Rauen & Jetty Ink employee Tony Coon created The Urchin Life, a video series that will explore Jetty from the inside out. The camera will follow our 9 summer interns (Jetty Urchins) as they work both inside and outside of the Jetty warehouse tackling tasks dealing with everything from production to marketing. In Volume 1, Kev & Tone decided to interview myself & Cory Higgins, the operating co-owners of Jetty. We hope the back-story of how our brand began serves as an interesting start to The Urchin Life series. Future episodes will certainly entertain as our Urchins, employees, team riders and extended family create and live The Jetty Life!

The Urchin's Life-Episode 1 from Tony Coon on Vimeo.

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