A Clam Good Story!

A Clam Good Story!

This post comes from Mel & Eric Magaziner who own and operate two restaurants, The Black Whale Bar & Fish House (Beach Haven, NJ) and Mud City Crab House (Manahawkin, NJ). They are huge supporters of our company and they sent over this story about their daughter Hadley... "The kids in Ms. Spickards First grade class from The Ethel Jacobsen School are writing their own books on the theme of "When I was young on the Island." The kids needed a memory to write about. They had to think of things that have to do with this particular island (LBI) - adventures on the beach, looking for shells, learning to swim, surfing, fishing, boating, fantasy island, etc. It is supposed to be a book about growing up on the island. Hadley chose the Clam & Coquina Jams all on her own. Honestly, I didn't even think to mention it. Her fondest memories are playing bean bag toss with Jesse from Farias', seeing Nicole Schmidt shred it last year, watching daddy surf against that guy Randy again, selling clams, and just being on the beach with all of our friends. Hadley is 7 years old and a future Coquina Jam competitor!! Congratulations Jetty on creating lasting family LBI memories!!" Wow, that makes us feel really great, thanks for sharing and we hope there are a lot of similar stories out there based on our community events!

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