Calling All Urchins - 2011 Spring/Summer Interns

We have received a bunch of requests from potential interns for this Spring/Summer season...we're stoked! We have had nothing, but great experiences with our Jetty Urchins over the past few years. As Jetty has grown, we have the need now more then ever for a solid team of students who are eager to learn about small business. Some of our past interns have been able to attain college credits and although these positions are unpaid, the experience (and surf/skate industry perks) are immeasurable! We are looking to form a team of 4-6, college-aged students who show interest in business (all majors) & the surf/skate/X industry. The team will endure a comprehensive, seasonal program including accounting, sales, production & marketing and will work closely with Jetty's employees and operating owners. On Friday, March 18th from 4-7pm, we are inviting potential candidates to our warehouse in Little Egg Harbor, NJ - please call ahead to make an appointment. If you are still in school, please send us an email, then follow up with a call to state your case. We will be putting the team in motion as early as April 1, 2011! Below are our much loved, prior interns who have helped Jetty grow and will remain family forever...

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