Return to sender...

Well, we're getting two Jetty heads back from OZ within a few weeks of one another, team rider Kim Kepich and notorious intern Dennis O'Connor. Both were fortunate enough to spend a semester abroad studying, surfing & having the time of their lives (as both separately stated several times). Kim is back in the States and having a tough time adjusting to the cold weather - bikini to 5mm! She's got a lot to look forward to though with trips to Barbados, Costa & PR from now through March! Dennis is still over there, but they'll be shipping him back soon. He just went on a little adventure down the coast which you can read about here. Dennis is "psyching to surf jersey again and to snowboard," but it's a different story when it's not in those colorful boardies! Dennis O'Connor - Last licks Kim Kepich back in NJ

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