Skateboarding Philadelphia!

The Jetty Skateboard kids have been rolling through Philadelphia the past couple of weeks...First Fritz, Xeno, Will & Max stopped in for a good night sleep and a day of shredding a couple weeks ago while on a quick weekend trip from Boston. We had a real fun FDR session despite some construction down under the bridge and even helped move a bunch of concrete in between runs. Expect some new tranny from those hard working FDR kids! This week Desimas & Nick Swanson were in town to do some Keystone demos. Fresh off their 6 hour drive we cruised right to the warehouse and skated til 5am...needless to say, some of us weren't in such great shape the next day. Finally last night Captain Ron, Alex Duke & The Keystone gang minus Desimas & Swanson (they had to be back in Boston) met up for another late night warehouse session. Ronnie was hyping on the New Order soundtrack and Duke skated until his legs were "Jelly!" Check the photos after the jump! Fritz Jetty Atomic Jellyfish Fritz & his favorite Atomic Jellyfish lurking on FDR real hard... Xeno Will Max FDR Xeno caught with his pants down? MAX! MAX FDR Frontside Slasher! Max and his new ride Max would look good in this car! Have a Nice Day Jetty Have a Nice Day! Ronnie & Jon Ronnie & Jon Alex Duke Jetty Mr. Alex Duke - He's the bestest!

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