John Clifford - Ventura, CA

John Clifford - Ventura, CA

John Clifford Frontside Johnny Cliff came on board in 2009 and has done a variety of design work for Jetty. John designed the RT poster, developed the Coquina Jam logo and quickly turned around a bunch of great flyers for Jetty events. After graduating from the U of D, he spent the summer in LBI (we got to surf together a few times) and recently moved out to Cali to work (and continually remind us how consistent the waves are out west)! John has done plenty of creative work outside of Jetty (see below), but is currently working on some "Jetty money" and a secret Jetty Street Urchin project! Great dude...great addition to our family. John says, "Go new places, do new things. Be a sponge" - we couldn't agree more. AU Naturale

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