Summer Gear in stores!

So we shipped all of our summer gear out to retailers yesterday & yes we apologize for being a little late! You won't be seeing this line on so get out to your local retailer asap! You can check out the entire photo shoot by Ann Coen in Barbados on our Facebook. We'll let you in on our next endeavor - bringing back some classic Jetty threads! That's right...we're already producing our Fall collection which is supplemented by some old time faves. Remember the Pirad? Mondo Gnar? Don't Forget to Have Fun? In a month or so will have a happy, new face and plenty of classic Jetty will be available! In the meantime, get out there and support your local surf/skate shop! ss09-kristal2 ss09-cory ss09-kristal ss09-cor-dani ss09-bag

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