Lighthouse Film Festival

swell-colors-film-flyer1 Mary Tantillo @ Swell Colors is hosting just one of the seven venues on LBI, here is some additional information: The Festival features dozens of films - features, shorts, and documentaries - that will be showed at seven venues up and down the Island, including some of our cultural centers like the Arts Foundation and the Surf Light Theatre. In addition to the indie films and a documentary about modern day West Virginia redneck outlaws, the organizers are partnering with the New York Surf Film Festival to present a handful of surf films. The surf flicks will be featured at the Beach Stadium 5 Theatre on 96th St, in Beach Haven Park. “This can be one of those events that defines LBI. It’s a cultural event that might bring people here that normally wouldn’t come to the Island,” said George Gahles, owner of Surf Unlimited, a sponsor of the event. Surf Unlimited will be offering free surf lessons and bike rentals to attendees. While most of the films are about $10 (you can also buy an All Access Pass for $125 that includes all sorts of perks) the surf films at the Beach Stadium 5 are free, but require a donation.

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