3rd Place: Pavones...

Sometimes you just have to let your team rider explain his adventure...and thanks to Julia Spector we get some visuals...imagine the rest...enter RT and his trip within a trip: "Spent last week surfing the last of the fading ssw pulse in Playa Grande as another ssw came through with good indications of Pavones (3rd longest left in the world) breaking with the possibilty of catching it good and uncrowded. I watched the swell for the remainder of the weekend and made plans to make the 11 hour trek to the furthest south point in Costa Rica.... ...Needless to say the roads were dirt most of the way with a few brilliant patches of asphalut. We saw some of the most amazing stuff from the moment we got in the jeep. After the 11 hours and a good numb ass we got out of the car and saw 8ft 2 mile long strobing lefts. Amazing ! There were about 8 guys out and i have never seen so many perfect waves go by unridden in my entire life. We scored it for a few days with nobody in town and headed back to Playa Grande for the end of the swell."

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