Meet the Crew: Kyle Gronostajski

Meet the Crew: Kyle Gronostajski

Meet Kyle G! Kyle joined the Jetty Rock Foundation last year with a vision for furthering JRF’s environmental impact. Kyle leads JRF's Environmental Programming and Outreach, which includes projects such as oyster shell recycling, oyster reef restoration, educational field trips, and collaborating with other non-profits. When he's not working on JRF projects you can find him behind the camera getting content for the Jetty brand OR going on last minute trips to Puerto Rico.

Check out his full interview below. 

What are your day to day tasks?

Managing all things environment for the Jetty Rock Foundations. Monitoring oyster recycling programs, oyster restoration projects, determining new partners and projects to support.

How long have you been working at Jetty for? 

1 year

 What is a core work memory you have?

Realizing its my job to give speeches at events now only moments before having to give one.


What's your favorite piece of Jetty clothing?

A circa 2008 zip up hoody that has had the zipper replaced.

What can we find you drinking/snacking on at work?

Trail mix

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Fishing, freediving, surfing, taking photos, wood working


Where can we find you on a nice Summer day?

On the beach or in the bay

What's your favorite travel spot outside of New Jersey?

Puerto Rico

Watch Kyle's Day in the life!


@thejettylife Day in the life of the Environmental Director at Jetty Rock Foundation #fyp ♬ Here Comes the Sun - HERDIANSYAH


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