Meet the Crew: JJ McKenna

Meet the Crew: JJ McKenna

Meet JJ! JJ is our Inbound Operations Manager at Jetty. JJ started as a processing associate almost 2 years ago and has quickly jumped up the ladder. When he's not on Jetty grounds, he's most likely coaching lacrosse at Stockton University.

Check out his full interview and Day in the Life video below.

What are your day to day tasks?

Managing the Inbound team. We handle any tasks that involve our product from getting received to being organized on the shelves to be picked and everything in between.

When did you start working at Jetty?

Two years!

What's your favorite piece of Jetty clothing?

Session shorts. You can literally wear them to do anything.

What's your favorite Jetty event? 

Hopsauce: Beer. Hotsauce. Easy enough.

What can we find you snacking on at work?

Coffee. Gourmet Deli...

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Hanging out, Snowboarding or Coaching Lacrosse

Where can we find you on a nice Summer day?

Maybe on the beach. Maybe trying to find shade

Do you have any pets?

Yes. Skye and Jax

What's your favorite travel spot outside of NJ?


What is a core work memory you have?

Any of our Annual Jetty Turkey Bowl football games

What are your top favorite music artists?

Hardy now. Lil Wayne always.

Is there a favorite quote or saying you live by?

Page 1...if you know you know.

What keeps you motivated?

Just keeping a positive mindset. And competition, I am very competitive.

How do you Draw Your Own Line?

Never letting an issue describe you. Everything has multiple solutions its just a matter of when and which one works best for you.

Check out JJ's Day in the Life below!   


Day in the life of JJ, our Inbound Operations Manager 🥍

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