Meet the Crew: Jerm DeFilippis

Meet the Crew: Jerm DeFilippis

Meet Jeremy DeFilippis, one of the original founders of the company and now CEO of Jetty. Awake before first light, Jerm already has 10 things checked off his to-do list.

First to step foot in the office and last to leave, Jerm stays motivated each day by harnessing the same passion that pushed him to co-found Jetty 20 years ago.

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What's your favorite Jetty event?

Tough one, I love them all, but I'll go with Coquina Jam. No pressure to surf like Clam Jam and such a feel good day.

What's your favorite Jetty gear?

Graphic t- shirts! Specifically the Essence T-shirt.

What’s your go-to lunch meal?

Chicken Ranchero Salad from Fusaro’s down the road.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

Golfing, Surfing, Hiking


What’s your favorite travel spot outside of NJ?


Where can we find you on a nice Summer day?

If there are waves, the South End....if not, my backyard.

What is a core work memory you have?

Driving the Water Monster back to Jetty at 3am (going into work) and it flying out of the bed of my truck on the bridge.

Do you have any pets? 

Yes! Haley & Ripper! 

How do you Draw Your Own Line?

I try to always remember why we started Jetty which was to work for ourselves and create opportunity and flexibility.  I think I define the work hard / play hard mentality in the sense that I work around the clock, all hours of the day and pretty much every single day, but drawing my own line to strike the balance between that and the free time to do what I am passionate about.

Check out a Day in the life of Jerm below!

@thejettylife Meet Jerm, probably the coolest CEO out there #thejettylife #surfbrand #surfcompany ♬ Wii - Mii Channel - Super Guitar Bros


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