Meet the Crew: Erik Schilling

Meet the Crew: Erik Schilling

Meet Erik also known as the Ink Wizard! He's one of our day 1 employees who works in the production room at Jetty Ink.  When he's not working, you'll likely find Erik at a concert or baseball game. Go Phillies!

Check out his full interview below. 

What are your day to day tasks?

On a day to day basis I can be found communicating with the sales team to ensure our Ink products are up to par and ready to be delivered to our customers! I can also be found mixing ink for upcoming brand and ink jobs.

How long have you been working at Jetty for?

I have been with Jetty for five years and four months!

What is a core work memory you have?

One of my "core memories" at Jetty actually involves Cory! We were clearing out an old pet store when we were approached by a raccoon. I jumped and screamed while hiding behind Cory.

What's your favorite piece of Jetty clothing?

My favorite Jetty clothing would be the Jetty Turqs!

What can we find you drinking/snacking on at work?

I usually try to keep it healthy and have apple slices at work

Do you have any pets?

I have a one year old Australian Shepard named Otis!



What can we find you doing outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to concerts and going to sporting events!


Where can we find you on a nice Summer day?

On a nice summer day I'm usually chilling on the beach!

What's your favorite travel spot outside of New Jersey?

My favorite spot to travel to outside of NJ is Los Angeles because I get to visit my family!

How do your Draw Your Own Line?

I draw my own line by trying to take the road less traveled and thinking outside the box!

Watch Erik's Day in the life!


@thejettylife Day in the life as a Quality Control Manager at Jetty Ink! #dayinthelife ♬ Hey Lover - The Daughters Of Eve


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