Daley's True Love

Jetty Ambassador Tim Daley had the opportunity to visit and surf the ranch on Valentine's Day!  That's some true love, not locking down your hubby and telling him to go get tubed with Slater!  An epic crew and experience ensued, but Tim still holds his wedding day as #1 in the ranks... Read More...

The Slater Day

(Above: Pat Parenty by Keith Forsythe) Well, so much for saying that October was a slow month for waves in Jersey as it ended with a phenomenal run including what will surely be dubbed The Slater Day.  The King surfed Monmouth County and took over Insta, but a ton of other frothing natives who look up to him got slabs as well!  Check out a few Jetty Ambassadors that found treats a day early on Mischief Night... Pete Machotka by Tyler Carlson Dave Werner by Chris Pfeil Read More...

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