SR Scholarship Night!

SR Scholarship Night!

A few nights before our 5th Annual Hop Sauce Festival, we had to switch gears and present $5,000 in scholarships at Southern Regional High School!  We were a part of what is simply an awesome night and the numbers are staggering: $611,000+ in the form of 1,015 scholarships distributed to 300+ seniors!  Our awards are born of two Jetty Rock Foundation initiatives: The Future Leaders program and the Bridge Walk.  We're stoked to continue growing our impact on the youth, not only in our immediate community, but throughout the entire community of those who are passionate about philanthropy, business and the outdoors!

Check out the apparel that students helped to create during the 2017-18 Future Leaders entrepreneurship class here: Drop Anchor Group / Smooth Sailing Group.

Mark your calendars!  the 9th Annual Community Bridge Walk is slated for Sunday, September 23, 2018!

Congrats to the 2017-18 recipients!

The following Future Leaders students excelled in our year-long entrepreneurship class:

John Dolphin 

Taylor Dietrich 

Colleen Brady 

Samantha Pawlik 

Matthew Flynn

Brady Clark 

The following Bridge Walk recipients submitted extraordinary essays:

Michael Andriani

James Barbaccia

Burke Flynn

Erinlynn Rowland

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