Hop Sauce #4 In the Books!

Hop Sauce #4 In the Books!

What an awesome day it was last Saturday in Beach Haven, NJ as we put on our 4th Annual Hop Sauce Festival!  Attendance was up, we launched our Jetty Session, the sun came out, the craft beer was flowing, and there was plenty of spice, local fare, and a wonderful music line-up to tie it all together!  We appreciate your support, whether you were a sponsor, volunteer, or just a fan, as this is our largest fundraiser for our Jetty Rock Foundation.  This year, we'll be donating to the Borough of Beach Haven to continue improving and beautifying their parks, as well as to Parsons Mariculture.  The latter funds will help to continue to fund an amazing project in the southern part of our Barnegat Bay where an oyster reef is being constructed.  We're also set to launch an Oyster Shell Recycling Program later this month! Check out a bunch of photos from Hop sauce courtesy of Dan Przygocki, and thank you for supporting us!

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