Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

We know, and we can't believe it is here again already, the forever fun, family-oriented and a little bit hectic Holiday season!  Let's keep it simple, shop small and support local ~ Our big event is on Black Friday, but our deals last from Friday through Cyber Monday.  Please know that your support of our company is a contribution to the greater good.  As a Certified B Corp, you can feel good knowing that a portion of our time, money and resources always leads to great initiatives via our Jetty Rock Foundation!  We hope that you all have a safe and epic time with your friends and family this week!  

Another important note: We are all somewhat guilty of not shopping small, it's simply a part of society and our lives.  If you are going to purchase items on Amazon, whether it is for the Holidays, or just during the year, please make sure that you are logged into Amazon Smile with the Jetty Rock Foundation selected as your charity of choice!  It is such an easy way to give back!

 How to set up your Amazon Smile account to give back is easy, just click this link!  If it doesn't work, then try the steps below!

1.  Go to and sign in (everything looks and works the same)

2.  Go to Your Account - Your Amazon Smile - Select a charity (Jetty Rock Foundation)

3.  Here are some FAQ's regarding Amazon Smile

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