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Posts tagged: Philadelphia

Extra, Extra!

We've recently received some great press over here at Jetty. We're constantly trying to give back to our community, contribute to great causes and service our's just what we do! As most good things go unnoticed no thanks to today's ultra-negative media outlets, it's nice to see some positive...

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Fritz Flicks

Just got some film developed and there were two long lost photos of Fritz doing his thing when he was down in Philly a couple months ago. That frontside transfer at FDR is no small task, to say the least.

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Benni E! Jetty

Philadelphia's Benni E was supporting Yo! Majesty when they rolled through Philly's M Room this past week...Jetty's Creative Director was there for all the action and happened to kick it with the girls the day after the show. Benni E left with a little present (The Creative Society Fitted) and...

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