Waves For Water

On Friday, November 16th, Jon Rose, founder of Waves For Water, toured Long Beach Island with us to assess the devastation of Sandy. We visited Farias' Surf & Sport, the Alliance for a Living Ocean, and then followed up with a community meeting. Jetty has donated $50,000 to Waves For Water and we are already converting your donations into aid. We have a container being delivered to Ship Bottom on Tuesday which will serve as a home base for supplies. As we improve communication and awareness, leaders in our community, who have already been highly active, will command teams in the areas of mold education & removal, rubble removal, economic revival and eventually rebuilding. We're blessed to align with Jon Rose and W4W as his experience in disaster recovery and resources will greatly speed up the long road which lies ahead. If you would like to donate to our Sandy Relief effort, then please know that we are helping Long Beach Island, all of the other Jersey shore pockets and Long Island, NY! If you are running an event or simply want to donate to Waves For Water, then you can do so here! Jon Rose - LBI

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