Jonny Cali-Co(en)

Jetty Hall of Fam'r Jon Coen has been on a few planes as of late. First, he ventured out to California to assist our bud Mark Tesi with some Reef marketing projects. Coen made his way through some thick line-ups and got some waves during Cali's best swell in quite some time. From waves, models and a classic boat ride, Jon made his way down to the SurfEXPO in Orlando, FL with Jetty Co-owner Cory Higgins to rub shoulders with all of the industry peeps. Traveling is great and has it's perks, especially in the board-riding industries, but there's no place like home...even when it's Winter in Jersey! Jon is currently back on the East Coast, with his family, and ready to throw on the 6/5/4!

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