"Been Around the Block (So What?)" by H.O.M.E.

This week's Music Monday (sorry, it's a day late) is a live acoustic session by H.O.M.E. playing their single "Been Around the Block (So What)" live at the Jetty warehouse. The Heroes of Modern Earth are a new, Jetty sponsored band led by Amanda Hyrns who was once under the tutelage of Craig Owens (The End of Entertainment). Amanda is now back home in Jersey and has assembled a band with her hometown boys Josh Cubernot, Rick Thompson, Joe Lucarine & Phil Adams. Phil has done some great creative work for Jetty in the past (see the Mark V.2). H.O.M.E. is just about to burst onto the scene and you can check out their Facebook page here and buy their single for just 99 cents here!

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