Farewell Fritz Mead

I saw the missed call from Fritz yesterday and I knew right away what it was about. I wasn't ready to call him back knowing that he had received some sort of great offer from another company. Soon after that my phone buzzed with a txt from my partner informing me that Fritz was leaving Jetty to pursue new opportunities. Neither of us was angry...we just wished that we could have done more for such a great skateboarder who truly helped our brand grow for the past several years. Fritz never asked for much, he's not that "industry" team rider who is all caught up in things...he just loves skateboarding. He's such a talent and we are so very thankful for how he represented Jetty...all of the press, videos and representing...nothing, but good vibes! We wish Fritz nothing, but good fortune as he embarks on the next level of his skateboarding career. He deserves to skate for a living and hopefully the world will soon find out how radical Fritz truly is! We cannot thank him enough for what he did for our brand and we also appreciate that moving on was a tough decision for him. We'd like to also thank Nick Zegel who met Fritz during his time up in Boston, MA, became friends with him and got him involved with Jetty...without Zeeg, we would have never come to know the brilliant Fritz Mead. You will not be able to find Fritz's Jetty Team Rider page any longer, but he will forever remain a part of our family ~ Check out his Jetty Hall of Fam page here! Thank you Fritz...from the bottom of our hearts...never stop pursuing what you love!

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